Strategic planning impact on innovation and organizational performance in the UAE



Published Dec 8, 2019
Abdulmunem AlShehhi Hamad AlMulla Wathiq Mansoor


This paper aims to explain several concepts Strategic Planning (SP), Innovation (INN), and Organizational Performance (OP) to have a good understanding of the subject. The elements of different SP models may be combined to fit or meet the purpose of adopting SP in any organization. This finding makes identifying and establishing the mission and goal of an organization vital. The researchers have provided a better understanding of the SP theoretical context and helped to address the limited involvement in SP and in optimizing its benefits for OP. Literature has shown that SP has interests that may positively impact OP. However, a clear pathway for SP is needed to achieve the goal of involvement and optimization.

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AlShehhi, A., AlMulla, H. ., & Mansoor , W. . (2019). Strategic planning impact on innovation and organizational performance in the UAE. International Conference on Advances in Business and Law (ICABL), 3(1), 5–17.
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strategic planning, innovation, organizational performance



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