Evaluation of the diversification of Macau’s hotel market



Published Feb 2, 2020
Xi Zhang


The tourism and hospitality industry was always an essential component sector in the world's economy, they all have a mutual benefit for each other and cannot be separated. Macau is a tourism city which means that it must have a stable hospitality industry to support the sustainable development of tourism. This study tried to use strategic thinking to evaluate the diversify hotel market in Macau's hotel industry based on the master plan of Macau tourism development. The research and date from the master plan and some literature reviews showed that the hotel industry in Macau is not operating in a balanced way between star hotels and economy hotels. This study provides recommendations for stakeholders in the end, including hotel owners and government.

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Zhang, X. (2020). Evaluation of the diversification of Macau’s hotel market . International Conference on Advances in Business and Law (ICABL), 3(1), 68–75. https://doi.org/10.30585/icabl-cp.v3i1.404
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hotel market, high-end hotel, Macau, diversification



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