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The proceedings contain papers presented at the International Conference on Advances in Business and Law (ICABL) in Dubai, UAE. ICABL is annual event by Dubai Business School at University of Dubai. The conference programme will features keynote addresses, high-quality research paper presentations in concurrent sessions, poster presentations, discussion panels, and thematic workshops. The conference covers the latest research findings, current practices, and theoretical developments in economics, finance, accounting, management, marketing, and law. 

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Current Issue

23rd & 24th November 2019, Dubai Business School, University of Dubai, Dubai, UAE

Organizing Committee: Adam Zaremba, Alina Maydybura, Andreas Karathanasopoulos, Rahim Hussain, Nasiruddeen Muhammad

Published: 2019-11-28


Strategic planning impact on innovation and organizational performance in the UAE

Abdulmunem AlShehhi, Hamad AlMulla, Wathiq Mansoor
Abstract 799 | PDF Downloads 606

Page 5-17

Building an effective startup team

Vasu Thirasak
Abstract 838 | PDF Downloads 659

Page 18-27

Creation of marketing information system in a company and the expected value of marketing information

Naqibullah Daneshjo, Jana Naš?aková, Erika Dudáš Pajerská
Abstract 727 | PDF Downloads 578

Page 28-34

Reproductive rights and health issues under Islamic law: Towards enhancing medical law in the 21st century

Magaji Chiroma, Muhammad Musa Saleh, Mohammed Aliyu Babakano
Abstract 554 | PDF Downloads 193

Page 35-50

The effect of tourists’ technology adoption propensity on the acceptance of smart tourism apps

Tan Lei, Cheng T.P. Vincent , Zhang Yuqin
Abstract 267 | PDF Downloads 224

Page 59-67

Evaluation of the diversification of Macau’s hotel market

Xi Zhang
Abstract 241 | PDF Downloads 219

Page 68-75

Economic growth, energy consumption, and quality environment in Nigeria

Kabiru Maji Ibrahim
Abstract 167 | PDF Downloads 170

Page 76-83

Hierarchical clustering of products using market-basket data

Ondrej Sokol
Abstract 114 | PDF Downloads 140

Page 88-93

Missing Link on Construct Validity in Qualitative Case Study

Dodik Siswantoro
Abstract 130 | PDF Downloads 98

Page 94-98