Ownership structures and firm performance in Nigeria: A canonical correlation analysis

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Published Jul 22, 2020
Abdul Adamu
Joel Haruna


This study examined the relationship between ownership structure and performance of listed non-financial firms in Nigeria. Secondary data on managerial ownership, ownership concentration, foreign ownership, institutional ownership, Tobin q, return on assets, return on equities, and earnings per shares were collected from forty (40) sampled firms. The data were analyzed using canonical correlation and the findings showed that managerial and foreign ownerships are the dominant ownership structures while Tobin q, EPS, and ROA are the dominant performance measures. The study also found that ownership concentration, foreign ownership, and institutional ownership are positively correlated with firm performance, while managerial ownership is negatively correlated with firm performance. The study recommended that listed non-financial firms should encourage foreign investments in their firms and rewards performing managers with shares in the firm.  

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Adamu, A., & Haruna, J. (2020). Ownership structures and firm performance in Nigeria: A canonical correlation analysis. Journal of Research in Emerging Markets, 2(4), 21–32. https://doi.org/10.30585/jrems.v2i4.537
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ownership structure, performance, multivariate data, canonical correlation, Tobin q, return on assets, return on equity, earnings per share



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