Consumer Dispute Resolution in Cyberspace - Trends and Developments

  • Ayyappan Palanissamy Modern College of Business & Science
  • Kesava Moorthy VIT School of Law
Keywords: Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business to consumer, Online dispute resolution


Developments and advancements in the ICT environment has led to high increase in electronic commerce. Cyber contractual disputes also emerge rapidly and this challenge the traditional consumer protection systems in terms of redressal and remedies. To protect consumers rights and interests, ADR mechanisms can be used which can overcome the difficulties confronted in the traditional litigation process. Dispute resolution in internet contracts can take place online either entirely or partly. There are various mechanisms available to resolve disputes which can protect disputants’ interests and rights absolutely. As the cyber environment usage continues to expand, it is utmost important to design effective mechanisms for resolving online commercial disputes because traditional adjudicatory process can be time consuming, expensive and may raise jurisdictional problems. Though the current trends and practice in the field of online dispute resolution exists, it appears that there are various aspects relating to which are yet to be clarified. This article aims to present a national and international scientific literature review on the models of Dispute Resolution mechanisms, discusses the use of Alternative dispute resolution systems (including ODR), types of procedure and mechanisms adapted for dealing with commercial disputes in India. It also looks into the international frameworks available with redressal systems and its effectiveness in dealing with cross border disputes.


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Ayyappan Palanissamy, Modern College of Business & Science

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