The Factors Influencing the Intensity of Market Participation among the Cattle Farmers in Adamawa state, Nigeria

  • Bosede Jospine Ayoola
  • Bosede Jospine Ayoola
  • Godwin A Abu
Keywords: cattle, factors, farmers, intensity, market, participation





The study examined Factors influencing the intensity of market participation among the cattle farmers in Adamawa state, Nigeria. Multistage sampling procedure was employed to sample the respondents. Structured questionnaires were used to collect data from 400 respondents in the study area. Descriptive statistic was used to analysed the socioeconomic characteristics of the respondents and truncated regression analysis was employed to estimate the determinants of intensity of market participation among the market participants. The result of the findings shows that cattle market participants were averagely aged 43 years, they are predominantly male (95.04%), (83.48%) were married, while (77.96%), (57.02%) had formal education and are full-time cattle farmers respectively. The result of truncated regression analysis revealed that age and gender of the household head, distance to market, herd size and seasonality were the explanatory variable that influenced the intensity of cattle market participation. Recommendations were made such as to encourage more formal education among the farmers, the more the participant is educated, the better the chance of participation in the cattle market and also to encourage female and those that are unmarried to participate in cattle marketing activities, and to provide adequate pasture land and water supply so as to curb the problems of exposure to avarice of weather, creates more additional sales point at farming communities is paramount important in the intensity of cattle market participation.



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