Peerwith and Avicenna extend partnership to include University of Dubai

Peerwith and Avicenna extend partnership to include University of Dubai


Peerwith and Avicenna work in partnership to bring Peerwith Institutional Solutions to institutions in the middle-east with an international focus. We are excited to announce an extension of this partnership, where Emerald Publishing and their branded-author services platform, powered by Peerwith – and the University of Dubai will come together with Peerwith and Avicenna for the 2ndInternational Conference on Advances in Business, Management and Law (ICABML), taking place in Dubai from 24 – 25 November 2018.

Emerald Publishing will act as a sponsor of ICABML, which is organized by the University of Dubai. Selected top papers from the conference will benefit from author services provided by experts active on Peerwith, increasing their chance and speed of getting publishedin Emerald’s high-impact journals. .

Prof A. Rao, Dean, Dubai Business School, Director of External and International Relations and Director of the Center for Research & Consultancy, University of Dubai, talks about this partnership, “We welcome Emerald Publishing as a sponsor of the conference, but we are particularly excited about the opportunity for our participants to publish in any of the high-impact journals of this renowned publisher. The top selected papers will be candidates for publication in Emerald journals. To facilitate this, each of these papers will be serviced by experts in manuscript preparation. Authors will connect directly with peers who are experts in author services through Emerald Author Services platform, powered by Peerwith.”

Ivo Verbeek, Co-Founder & Director Peerwith, adds, “As the Emerald Publishing partner in author services we have many great experts on Peerwith who can help conference authors with manuscript preparation and publication support. Our experts will guide authors through the publication process and ensure manuscripts are published in relevant, high-impact journals. Through this partnership we expect the scientific impact of the conference to increase and we are very excited to come together with all parties in this new and innovative way.”

About Peerwith

Peerwith is a platform for expert-led researcher services. We support researchers by offering them the opportunity to select, connect and collaborate with scientific experts and improve the quality of their academic work. Experts on Peerwith come from all academic disciplines and offer fair fees for services tailored to individual requirements. With our secure marketplace environment, our mission is to aid the advancement of science by helping researchers globally improve the quality of their academic work.

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About Avicenna

AVICENNA-RESEARCH is a company based in the United Arab Emirates and London, with the sole purpose of enhancing and disseminating research from the Arab World. At AVICENNA-RESEARCH, we seek to bring forward the increasingly relevant research taking place daily in the Arab world by supporting the academic institutions and all the researchers of the region. Providing services and technologies supporting research collaboration, dissemination and innovation is our sole focus.


About the University of Dubai

The University of Dubai has been home to talented students and faculty drawn from around the world to teach, create, and study. We have achieved international distinction and accreditation in the academic areas we offer.

The University of Dubai offers an extraordinary variety of business, law, engineering and IT programs. At the University of Dubai, we are committed to developing and educating leaders who will make a difference in the business world. The achievements of our alumni in different organizations and ranks of leadership are a reflection of this commitment. Central to our success is an outstanding faculty that instills a thorough understanding of business through its skilled, enthusiastic teaching, research and service. Our faculty members have made the classroom at the University of Dubai a place where learning is an intense and interactive engagement. The experience goes beyond merely providing skills, tools, or knowledge: it also imparts the critical thinking and judgment that is the basis for a lifetime of leadership in a challenging and rapidly-changing world.

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